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Please remember, kayak rentals can be made through our online store.  Just click here.  And why not buy a shirt while you’re at it!

Even if you don’t think that you can do the physical activities, come on out anyway.  There are plenty of jobs that don’t require strength or endurance.  Hand out water.  Offer encouragement.  Take photos.  All are welcome.

Don’t live close?  Well, we have a way for you to experience our beloved Keys and help volunteer.  Head over to our Eco-Tours Packages page and do it all.

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Debris Removed To Date

After 26 epic battles, we have removed 272,010 documented pounds of debris from the Florida Keys.  That’s 136 tons!  But sadly, that grand total is from only a few miles of shoreline.  A rough goal is we have around two million pounds of debris in the Florida Keys to remove.  And that’s if nothing else comes along and adds to the total.  We are ramping up as quickly as possible, but there is just so much to do.  With your help, we will get to the point where the wildlife can again flourish.  Come out to an event.  Together, we can restore our marine habitats.

Our Story

Hurricane Irma impacted the Florida Keys on September 10th, 2017 … in more ways than one.  Many lives ended.  Homes were destroyed.  And we were left with devastation of almost unimaginable proportions.

But … !

We are known as The Conch Republic.  And we have a special kind of unrelenting drive and optimism.  We do not back down, nor do we quit.  When we see neighbors who need assistance, we help.  Unconditionally.  When we see a need, we volunteer.  And so an army was created.  An army of people, both from within the Republic and outside our borders, who came together to restore what Irma took away, and to make everyone’s lives better.

As time progressed, we were able to expand our operations from simple cleanup, to restoration and preservation of our waterways, bays, and ocean.

Please visit us on Facebook and follow along.  Join our events.  Toss in what you can to help.  Or just offer encouragement.  We thank you, and the Conch Republic thanks you.

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